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Where to Have Your Most Amazing Elopement? Oregon Vs. Iceland

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Elopements are all about adventurous trips somewhere around the world. Those gorgeous scenic photos and feelings of freedom and love all at once.

Minimal planning, small or no guest-list, and a magnificent place.

One of the most popular place for Elope around the world is an Iceland. Iceland Elopement for sure will be absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience.

But if for some reason travel to Iceland it's not an option for you don’t be discouraged because it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on all the awesome sights that have made Iceland such a great travel destination.

Trust me when I say Oregon Elopement arrangements are some of the most beautiful in the country thanks to the state’s gorgeous landscape.

Hidden waterfalls? Check! Mountaintops? Check! Crater Lake, hot springs, and black-sand beaches? Check, check, and check!

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Let’s explore what you’re getting in your Oregon elopement.

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The waterfalls land

While Iceland may be the land of the waterfalls in Europe with well over 200 waterfalls, Oregon in the US has about 250 not counting the unnamed ones. You have Multnomah Falls as the tallest one at 635 ft. while Iceland’s tallest is 650ft. Pretty close if you ask me!

the Seljalandsfoss falls
The Seljalandsfoss falls, Iceland

The Silver Falls State Park Oregon
The Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is famous for its 8-mile loop with waterfalls and caves.

There are the cave waterfalls found at the Silver Falls State Park, which can be a fantastic place for your Oregon elopement.

The Abiqua waterfall in Oregon
The Abiqua waterfall in Oregon
The Svartifoss waterfall in Iceland
The Svartifoss waterfall in Iceland

Like to explore the hidden? Just as you would explore the hidden waterfalls of Svartifoss in Iceland, in Oregon, you have the exact same with the Abiqua waterfall.

Also, just like the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall in Iceland, you have the Toketee waterfall in Oregon, both of which have formed as a result of volcanic lava tubes. Both equally mesmerizing for eloping!

The black volcanic beaches

Due to a massive volcanic activity, Oregon has some similar black-sand beaches like the Fauskasandur black sand beach in Iceland.

You can have your Oregon elopement on the secret beach with epic cliff views made of black basaltic rocks.

The scenic canyons

Some of the most breathtaking miracles of nature are both the Oneonta Gorge in Oregon and the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon in Iceland.

They both look almost exactly the same. Both vast, mossy, and deep carved canyons that you cannot forget once you see them.

The one in Oregon is surrounded by mountain peaks you can hike through all the way where you have a gorgeous waterfall waiting at the end.

The Oneonta Gorge in Oregon
The Oneonta Gorge in Oregon
the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon in Iceland
The Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon in Iceland

The painted-like hills

Both countries have those colorful hills that look as if they have come out of a painting.

This is one of those scenic places that will make your dress, bouquet, and the whole ceremonial arrangement pop against the color of the hills.

You have the painted hills in Oregon, which are just a short drive away from Bend.

The Landmannalaugar mountain area in Iceland, on the other hand, is quite hard to get to, and many people tend to skip it instead.

The Painted Hills Oregon
Landmannalaugar Hills Iceland

The gorgeous hot springs and geysers

If you decide to elope in winter, you cannot miss the Umpqua hot springs in Oregon, which are almost a split image of the Landbrotalaug hot springs in Iceland and offer some of the most picturesque views for your Oregon elopement.

Also, while Iceland wins when it comes to geysers, in Oregon, if you want to see a geyser erupt, you can visit the Old Perpetual Geyser to see 60-foot plumes every 90 seconds.

The crater lakes

Surely you know the Kerið Lake in Iceland, which is a lake formed inside a volcanic crater. With its aqua blue color with red sand walls all around, it definitely is worth checking out.

However, in Oregon, you can visit the Crater Lake which, in my opinion, offers some of the most dazzling deep blue color that’s more beautiful to see than you can ever catch on camera.

Crater Lake Oregon
Crater Lake Oregon

The ocean cliffs and peaky mountains

In both Iceland and Oregon, you have miles of terrific coastline drive. In Iceland, that would be the Longdrangar cliffs viewpoints in the Snaefelles Peninsula, while in Oregon, you can find the Cape Kiawanda coastline with endless cliffs and hiking opportunities, caves, sand dunes and beautiful nature that will make your Oregon elopement all the more beautiful.

Cape Kiwanda Oregon Beach
Cape Kiwanda Oregon Beach

Cape Kiwanda Oregon
Cape Kiwanda Cliff Oregon

As for those fascinating peaky mountains, in Oregon, you have Mt Hood and in Iceland Kirkjufell.


They both look gorgeous in winter with snow on their caps, but Mt Hood, with its nature around, can be visited any time of the year.

You can hike, ski, snowboard, or just enjoy Mother Nature with all its creations! Pro-tip, if you want to see Mt Hood in its best light, go to Lake Trillium and savor its grandeur in full scale.

Mt.Hood Oregon
Mt.Hood Oregon

I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of research on most of the places I’ve compared here, and I bet you are sold on the idea of your Oregon elopement.

For any planning or questions about elopements in Oregon or Iceland, do not hesitate to contact me. I’d be delighted to give my advice as a professional elopement photographer.

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