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Best Places to Elope in Washington State.

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Where and When to Elope in Washington

Washington state

There has never been a better time to elope in Washington State. As the northwestern most territory in America, this wonderful place is rich in coastal rainforests, rocky beaches, pristine alpine lakes, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and snow-dusted mountain ranges.

Washington is home to balmy summers that never get too hot, making it the perfect location for an adventurous summer elopement. For those with a thirst for snow, winter here never gets that cold. It’s mostly rain on the coast, but if you climb into the mountains you will find snowy peaks and all the skiing a new couple can handle.

No matter the weather, Washington has something for everyone. Even if you don’t enjoy skiing, come in the summer for amazing hiking and breathtaking scenery. Stoll along the coast and taste the fresh salt air on the breeze. This is a state of natural wonders and quiet cities.

Seattle makes for a great night out on the town as a couple, boasting countless options for a romantic diner. But if you are looking for something a little more at home, try one of the many smaller towns situated along Washington’s majestic coast.

Before you strike out to Washington for elopement or wedding, keep in mind that you must apply for your license to marry a minimum of three days prior. Luckily, you can do this either by mail or in person.

Next up we will go through the list of some of Washington’s premier destinations for elopement weddings.

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Mt. Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier National Park

Stunning Natural Beauty

Sitting an easy two-hour drive from Seattle, Mt. Rainier National Park offers more natural splendor and adventure activities than you can finish over a whole summer. Take your elopement or wedding here to experience solitude in the dripping rainforest or to get married on one of the jagged overlooks on the mountainside.

Mt. Rainier National Park

This is truly the adventure couple’s dream elopement destination. You can rent a quaint cabin or lodge deep inside the mountain; alternatively, there are many world-class hotels that cater to nature lovers. Small towns sit nestled in the dips and valleys of this impressive park – so big it can be seen from Seattle.

Enumclaw is a small city in the heart of the area and can be a handy jumping-off point for elopers. You and your partner will be swept away by what you find inside this giant park. Wherever you choose to hold the ceremony, the pictures will be out of this world.

The North Cascades

the North Cascades

Views from the Top of the World

North from Seattle is the small border city of Bellingham, and near Bellingham are the impressive North Cascades. More than just mountains, the North Cascades are a sprawling tangle of beautiful rock peaks and steep, crumbling hillsides. The word epic comes to mind immediately, and if you are a couple in love with epic scenery and fairy-tale like panoramas of untouched greenery and mist-shrouded mountains, The North Cascades should be on the top of your elopement destination wish list.

Hiking, lakes, countless small mountains and rugged meadows, you will always find an enchanting private spot to perform your much-anticipated ceremony. Spend the night in nearby Bellingham or rent a cute cabin on Airbnb. Chances are you will have a wonderful view of the stars hanging above the mountains from your cabin at night. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

The Washington Coast

The Washington Coast

The Beauty of the Ocean

Washington is home to one of the most striking coastlines in the entire world. It is simply magical, with large swatches of flat, sandy beaches stretching into a dense and foggy woodland right there on the coast.

Driftwood husks and jutting rises of stone lay across the sand and the sun sets over the horizon. This is a paradise for couples who want some nautical whimsey in their elopement wedding. There is almost never snow on the coast, and in winter the landscape can be dramatic and serene with wisps of fog skirting through the trees. It also doesn’t get very cold like it does in the mountains.

Washington Coast

The best parts of Washington’s long coast are located on the northern, close to British Columbia. However, you don’t have to drive more than three hours to steal your own piece of this misty heaven.

Port Angeles is a good place to make your base, since it has many available hotels and unique lodging options. At the southern end of Washington’s coastline you can find Cape Disappointment State Park or Kalaloch Beach and Campground for some beachfront camping.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

This is another one of Washington’s “got it all” destinations. Olympic National Park straddles the northern border and is home to the Olympic Peninsula, together forming one of the wildest and most unspoiled natural playgrounds in the country.

From any of the park’s hundreds of mountain peaks you can stare across miles of dense rainforest to the Pacific Ocean beyond. In fact, you can hike along the beach, through the forest, up a mountain, and be married all in the same day.

Olympic National Park

This is a pretty incredible place, and since you and your partner are looking for some adventure and nature, Olympic National Park is the place for you. Beach, forest, mountain – all in one beautiful park.

If you have a little extra time, we highly suggest catching one of the local ferries across the border to Vancouver Island, Canada. The ferry is quite short, but the scenery is absolutely worth it. This island is rich with history and stunning nature.

Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Rainforest

Woodland Magic

Hoh Rainforest is Washington’s most sacred woodland, especially attractive to those who love moss-coated trees and dripping foliage. A walk through this calm rainforest will make you and your partner think of something out of a storybook.

Hemlocks, firs, cedars, and hundreds of other species of fauna and plant life dominate this lush natural space. Huge green trunks and thick canopies of drooping leaves streaked with sunlight, and you and your partner eloping in front of a thousand-year-old tree bigger than your car. This is truly a special destination, and not far from Olympic National Park, only four hours from Seattle.

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens is not only very picturesque mountain, but it is also positioned in a perfect place. Depending which area of the park you decide to hold your ceremony in, you have a huge choice in accommodation options. Vancouver,Washington and Portland, Oregon are just as close as Seattle. If you and your partner have the time, strike out and explore some new cities after enjoying the marvel of Mount St. Helens.

What before was a mountain much like any other in Washington State, Mount St. Helens is now a half-ruined expanse of rocks and budding plant life. It was obliterated by the volcanic eruption in 1980, but now life is retuning. There has never been a better time to hold your elopement wedding at Mount St.Helens thanks to the mixture of volcanic devastation and new growth. The landscape is beautiful in a strange way no other mountain in Washington can imitate.

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