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The Top Ten European Cities for Elope

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Why Europe is a Great Destination for Your Elopement Wedding

Italy wedding

While many people choose to elope in the untamed wilds of an unknown jungle or on a rocky coastline, it is still a fabulous idea to take your elopement wedding to a romantic city in a faraway land.

Not only is this a great idea, but it can be the trip of a lifetime for you and your partner.

You won’t just be tying the knot. You will also get to experience a whole new culture and embark on a romantic adventure of cobbled streets and historic monuments.

To make the most of your romantic getaway and elopement, we highly suggest a trip to Europe.

Austria elopement

Europe has long been the destination for romantic honeymoons, adventure weddings, and extravagant elopements.

If you have ever pictured yourself being married on the beautiful shores near Lisbon, under the shimmering lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or on the verdant green hills of the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, a European elopement is exactly for you.

Destination Wedding Paris

On the other hand, perhaps you and your partner met in Europe and wish to be married in the same city you first fell in love.

The best part of eloping in Europe? Well, you are not restricted to one country or one city. Elope in Berlin on Tuesday and visit beautiful Warsaw on Wednesday.

Get married in Santorini, Greece on Friday and spend the weekend in Milan, Italy!

Rome elopement

Also city elopement in Europe easy can be part of 2 days elopement: for example you can have your ceremony in city with follow up celebration and next day went to some out of city exploring: from Vienna its easy go to Alps, Stockholm - Sweden Lapland, Venice - Dolomites and etc.

There is no limit to the once in a lifetime adventures you will have when eloping in Europe.

Think history, romantic old towns, and great vibes.

You’ll never want to go home!

Germany elopement

Here we have compiled a short list of top cities for elopement weddings in Europe.

Of course, you are never restricted to choosing one of the most popular options.

There are thousands of cities in Europe: beautiful medieval villages, huge thriving metropolises, coastal towns on the Mediterranean Sea, and cozy hideaways with beautiful churches in Eastern Europe.

There are endless choices for your destination wedding or elope. Let our list of destinations be the spark of inspiration for your dream elopement.

Europe city elopement

Venice, Italy

Everyone knows the beautiful Italian city of canals.

Venice practically breathes romance.

If you want to get away with your partner and elope in a truly magical place rich in history, art, and culture, Venice is for you.

venice elopement

The Italian food is mouth-watering, the wine is always delicious, and the canals are a great way to spend an early evening lounging with your partner while soaking in the beauty of Italy.

The beginning of May is the perfect time to visit this amazing city. The weather will be warm but not too hot, and the sun will be triumphant in the sky.

Alternatively, head to Venice in February to catch the famous Carnival and have a wild time.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has always been the cultural center of Western Europe. Austria’s capital city is a rich epicenter of intellectual arts.

This is where the greats have come to gather and talk politics, music, and literature for hundreds of years.

From Mozart to Beethoven to Lord Byron, this beautiful European city has remained a true hub for creative geniuses.

Vienna elopement

Take a stroll along the stunning Danube River with your partner, catch a show at their world-renowned opera theatre, get lost in the many museums, or take a quiet carriage ride through historical downtown.

This is a truly elegant location for an elopement wedding. Vienna is beautiful in a unique way every time of the year, never too hot or too cold.

Check How to Elope in Style in Austria


The city of love is synonymous with romantic weddings.

French cuisine is among the best in the world. Their wine is first-class and there are so many amazing restaurants that you might gain 10 or 20 pounds before you leave this ancient city.

The architecture of the old cathedrals is enough to draw people to the blue-roofed city of Paris.

Paris elopement

If you’re looking to elope, the grand plazas are a striking and memorable location.

You can always take a quick trip to one of the nearby cities for a little sightseeing, or to one of the stunning coastal cities in the south.

Try to avoid winter because of the heavy rains. May to September in Paris is the best time to come here.


The capital city of Czechia, formerly the Czech Republic, is a great spot for a destination wedding.

The old town is like moving through a fairy tale, while the food is rich and unique and the beer is drinkable by the gallon.

Prague elopement

May or September are the best months for visiting Prague, since the crowds will have gone and the temperature will be comfortable.

While in Prague try one of the Czech famous experience - beer spa, you will love it!


London is a classic city for destination elopement or weddings.

Many North Americans can trace their history back to jolly ol’ London, and this is a great spot for eloping.

The history is rich, while the city itself is now a hotpot of diversity and mixed cultures.

London elopement

There are plenty of opportunities for photos next to London’s iconic phonebooths or on the famous London Bridge.

The winter, is rainy and gloomy, but time around Christmas and New Year make it really magic and festive.

Time between May and September is the ideal time to elope in London.


Rome is an amazing destination, elopement wedding or otherwise.

This ancient capital of the world is one giant postcard.

The Colosseum, the narrow streets, the beautiful sunny weather. Rome is rich in history.

Rome elopement

You and your partner will have a difficult time leaving this old empire city behind.

The best time to go is between April and May or September and November when the weather is just perfect.


Portugal is such a beautifully quaint country that any trip here is something out of a dream.

The weather is amazing all year, though a bit hot in July and August.

Lisbon elopement

Visit Lisbon for your destination elopement or wedding if you love vibrant culture, historic streets, great shopping, and friendly locals.


Although Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, Edinburgh is for sure its most stunning.

Even in February this is an amazing place to have a destination elopement or wedding.

The landscapes around the city are stark and remote, wild in their sheer beauty.

Edinburg elopement

The city itself is a cultural epicenter in the UK. You can visit the breathtaking Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh University.

There are enough churches to choose from to perform your ceremony, if you will be eloping in a church.

Summer is highly recommended for Edinburgh.


You can never go wrong with a Greek wedding.

Santorini is an incredibly romantic getaway where you can get married on the edge of the sea with the crispy blue Greek waves crashing upon the shore.

Santorini Elopement

This is a postcard city with its iconic coastal buildings rising upwards in shades of blue and white.

Come here in late April or September for the smallest crowds and best weather.

Santorini Greece elopement

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