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The 10 Reasons Why People Elope

Adventures, gorgeous photos, authenticity and intimacy… these are some of the gems you will find in elopements. It’s an unforgettable adventure but here are the most common reasons why people skip the traditional wedding and choose to elope instead.

The Personal Touch

Elopements add a personal touch to your big wedding day. It’s a ‘Just me and my partner’ experience that cannot really be felt with large wedding ceremonies.

When asked why they choose to elope, couples often said that big weddings pose a huge obligation on them, put too much pressure and everyone’s expectations were high.

Elopements on the other hand stripped all this pressure away and gave them a chance to be themselves at their most important day.

Basically when eloping, couples are there to enjoy themselves and show love to their partner however they see fit. They can exchange vows they would like only their partner to hear, and they can do all they have imagined in a magical, most romantic way possible.

No regrets, no stress, no pressure, no distractions - just two people committing their lives to each other.

Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Being unique is something we all strive for. This is when elopements also come into light, since big weddings are more or less going the same way. These large-scale ceremonies cannot offer you the uniqueness you are dreaming for. That’s why elopement ceremonies are there for you to organize them just the way YOU would like.

As a photographer, I’ve seen many weddings and engagement parties and similar ceremonies to realize that it’s all become one big cookie-cutter approach. They have become a one-size-fits-all type of a thing and I believe that’s unfortunate.

This is your big day that you dream of for a very long time, so getting something unoriginal and not tailored to your needs and wishes is unacceptable. So, create your own customs and traditions that you’ll cherish a long time after your eloping ceremony. Why follow what everyone else does when you can have a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Honesty and Intimacy

Destination Elopement

For many couples, big weddings aren’t an honest representation of who they truly are and what they love in life. This is why they turn to something that offers intimacy and intention

Plus, if we are honest here, they cost a lot of money too. And that money could easily be the down payment for your shared home or your children’s funds or whatever else you intend them for.

With elopement you get all eyes on you type of thing. It can either be just you and your partner or you can invite some of your closest family and friends for a complete ceremony. The bouquet won’t matter, the table décor or the dress as well – the only thing everyone will have their eyes on is how happy you and your partner are.

Avoiding the Drama Llama

PNW Cannon Beach Elopement

Since we’re being open and honest here, you can believe me when I say not everyone is close to the both sides of their family, and that’s perfectly okay.

If this is your case, imagine the anxiety you’ll have on your wedding when you’re supposed to see and talk to the people you aren’t that close with. Oh, what a drag!

But this is when eloping comes as the best option to go with. You invite the people you are closest with or you don’t invite anyone, it’s just you and your partner spending some quality time on your most beautiful place in the world.

Whatever you decide on based on your elopement, just remember that your wedding day is your day and no one else’s. It’s a unique day that happens only once and it should go just like you and your partner want it to go, no matter how you are getting married.

Plus, when sharing the vows, it’s important you feel free to be yourself. To create these fantastic memories, you need to be your most authentic self and speak your mind. Only this way you’ll be able to tell your partner exactly how you feel about them and why you are getting married to them.

This is your opportunity to create something unique that you’ll look back to forever, so it’s essential that you feel fantastic and avoid all the potential drama. So, be brave and choose what feels right for you.

Memories over Material Things

Cannon Beach Wedding

Sometimes memories is what matter as opposed to what you earned or possess. People who understand this will prefer elopements instead of big weddings that are all about things.

However, when speaking of valuable memories over things, let’s talk about something equally as important. The waste. In a big wedding, not only that you spend on average about $33,931 in total, but in those 6-8 hours, on average, there is 600 (600!) pounds of waste produced.

You have to admit this is a staggering amount of waste for just one day.

So if the material isn’t what you’re about, eloping can give you the freedom to get married in a much less wasteful way, where you focus on the experience, rather than the stuff.

Elopement – Enjoyment and Excitement

PNW Adventure Elopement

Your big day should be all about enjoyment. You shouldn’t feel pressured in any way about anything. This is why many people go for elopements.

You should be able to enjoy your wedding experience with joy instead of worrying about how you look or who’s watching or how your guests are doing. This party should be all about the love you share with your partner and you should feel like you never want it to end. It should be an excitement and not a burden on your shoulders.

Even if you have a wedding planner, big weddings can be a stressful experience. Imagine 150-200 or more people attending. Plus all the vendors, food choices, and clothes, dealing with everyone’s opinions and stress, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on top of it all. That’s a lot of unneeded anxiety, if you ask me!

With elopements, the planning is way easier, the choosing of details simpler, the vendors are more flexible, and you don’t have as many people to worry about. Plus, choosing the location is the most gratifying experience ever! Just imagine, the planet is your limit!

You can choose to have your elopement anywhere you like and no one can stop you. Whatever you are a fan of, you can do it on your eloping day. Hiking up a mountain and exchanging vows on a glacier? Sure thing! Enjoying the sunset on a most beautiful beach? Why not!

You can go for whatever your heart desires!

The Painful Planning

The part where you imagine how your wedding ceremony should be, you and your partner in the spotlight, dancing to your favorite song, all eyes on you… that surely is fun.

And usually the planning starts out as fun. But then you have all the troubles actually coming and you daily obsessions start and end with:

  • Who should we invite?

  • What about the plus 1s?

  • The bridal?

  • Which restaurant nearby fits 120+ people?

  • What about transportation?

  • Endless dress fittings!

  • Wedding insurance.

  • Wedding vows that everyone will hear.

  • Keeping track of the receipts, and many, many more.

So, you see what’s about to come, right? With elopements, you have the third of the worries of a wedding and that’s the real sweet planning for your wedding ceremony that brings you joy instead of headaches.

Elopements Are a Relaxing Atmosphere

Adventure Elopement Scandinavia

Whether you have a stage fright or not, wedding are pretty stressful when it comes to mingling with everyone and having all eyes on you throughout the entire time.

It might seem as if you cannot catch a single free moment or even talk to your partner and devote attention to things that matter to you.

On the other hand, elopements are relaxing or adventurous as you want them to be. You can choose to do whatever you want and spend your time however you wanted without anyone saying a single thing against it. You absolutely deserve a day where you’re free to be who you are without worrying about who’s standing there watching you.

While eloping you won’t feel the need to change in any way. You can be your true, more genuine self, sharing everything you ever wanted with your partner. You don’t have to consider an audience when you write your vows. You don’t have to spend the day worrying about other people’s opinions or judgment.

You just get to be you.

After all, Life’s an Adventure

If the status quo of a wedding annoys you and you see yourself having a different kind of ceremony, don’t bend yourself, but rather go as your heart desires. Life’s an adventure, a short one that wants you to live it just the way you want to.

Elopements are a big part of this. Everything about having an unconventional wedding screams ‘adventure’ and wants you to visit and do whatever you have always wanted to.

Having the Most Amazing Memories Captured

Let’s be honest here. We all want beautiful photos of us with sceneries to die for and unique poses and material that everyone will envy.

With traditional weddings you have the usual, predictable photos, that no matter how good you look, they’re still pretty much the same for all. But with elopements it’s another story.

As a photographer, I can surely say that no two photo sessions are the same. They largely depend on the couple, on the place they have chosen and on the period of the year, time of day and lastly the guests.

After all, eloping is a special story to tell and photos are the best way to share your story.

They’re cherished forever, and people know how important that is. They want to make sure the photos they have from their day are genuine and real, that they reflect how they were truly feeling.

Now that I have reassured your belief in elopements, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. As an elopement photographer I can help you with all parts of the planning and having your most beautiful elopement.

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