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Hi guys!

My name is Sasha and I am founder of Fifty Miles West, destination weddings and adventure elopements photographer and former wedding makeup artist and hair stylist.


I grew up in a very small town surrounded by mountains in a middle of nowhere and all of my childhood weekends were spent with my parents and my youngest brother, either camping, fishing,

or skiing.


It should come as no surprise that I love the outdoors. Indeed, the outdoors is where my soul belongs.

This is why after I moved to Oregon in 2008 I absolutely fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Now I call Oregon my home, but I still travel around the world quite a lot.

Why I so passion about elopement: 


    In 2013 when my husband proposed to me, we started talking about what kind of wedding we wanted.

Of course, we had both been to many weddings before, and we decided that we didn’t want one of these traditional weddings. Too much stress, too many guests (most of which we likely would never even see again), too boring of a reception, and too much trying to make other people happy when the wedding was for us, not them!


      Even though my husband’s family wanted a very big traditional wedding, we still looked for other options. This is before we even knew what elopement is, since it was a lot less popular back then.

We finally arrived in Las Vegas, where we invited 10 of our closest friends, and there we had a very romantic and extremely fun wedding. The wedding was intimate, warm, full of love, and brimming with positive emotions.

   Why did I tell you this story? Because I want you to know that I had the same thoughts and doubts about choosing an elopement over a traditional wedding. The point is that I am extremely happy about our decision and don’t regret a single moment of the day.


    Later, I worked as a wedding makeup artist and hair stylist. After a couple of years in this industry I can tell you for certain that at least half of the brides told me, “I just want this day to be over.”


    Because of this, when I started photography I knew that I wanted to work with couples who were not scared to do what they really wanted to do for their big day.


I wanted to see two people in front of my camera who love each other and are enjoying every second of their special day, laughing or crying, having fun and being silly, but most important  being happy.  Because you deserved it!


Because I'm obsessed with traveling and unique elopements, I'm in for any ideas for your elopement day: camping in a desert, road trip, hot balloon ride, hike to waterfalls, or may be early breakfast in Vienna, nothing is off limit! 

I am here for you not only as photographer, but also to help you find the best destination for your elopement or intimate wedding, to guide with the planning and scheduling, and to share with you my travel experiences and my passion to catch a real emotions.


​Even though I only photograph intimate weddings and elopements, I do not base my pricing on the number of people you have celebrating with you. 


Provided that the focus of the day is you two, and you are seeking to have a stress-free and adventurous wedding ceremony, then I'd be glad to a part of your special day in the capacity of your elopement photographer and guide.


Also as a former Hair and Makeup artist, who worked in wedding industry over 5 years I also provide this service as part of my Elopement Packages. 


I know how important for many brides feel beautiful in the wedding day and how hard sometimes to find HMUA for remote location or foreign country or early sunrise ceremony or have someone around for touch up after  hike!


I want you to be yourself on this special day, and I want to be there to document every moment of it.

Let’s do it together! 


Sasha   Fifty Miles West


"What can I say, Sasha is the BEST! I am speechless with how much love, life and joy she captured in all our photos from our elopement day. She is super organized, responsive and funny and personable. My husband and I felt extremely comfortable with her having no experience elopement planning or being in front of a camera. We love, love, love our photos and are so grateful for her!"

                                                                                                              ~ Anna & Andrey

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